Nossob 4×4 Eco-Trail – Mabuasehube

  • The Nossob 4×4 Eco Trail off-road adventure – Nossob 4×4 Eco-trail, from Mabuasehube  to Nossob is a two day trail that has a designated overnight camping spot located at Mossomane campsite overlooking the Pan. To be allowed on the Mabuasehube – Nossob 4×4  Eco-trail, two vehicles are required to do the trail together because of the remoteness and obvious danger involved if one car breaks down or gets stuck. The second vehicle was a Land Cruiser and the driver Craig is one of the most capable off-road drivers that I know, unfortunately our friends in the second vehicle pulled out 1 week before we departed due to medical reasons. I was committed, my family was looking forward to the adventure, and everything was prepared, so we set off on a great adventure.
  • Our trip started on the 15th Dec, we arrived at Mabua gate at 15hoo. The vehicle was stocked with 140 liters of water and 9 bags of firewood, in addition to our food, RRT ground tent for my son and other odds and ends for 1 week of camping. I made allowance for 20 liters between the three of us per day, because this is the recommended daily minimum per person. Our first night was spent at Khiding Pan from where we left to begin the 4×4 trail to Nossob a distance of about 160 Km.
  • Contact us to arrange  a trip to this remote and very beautiful location, with no fences surrounding the campsites. We have had lions and brown hyena walking through the camp.

For a detailed account of the Nossob with more great pictures 4×4 Eco-trail Please follow the link below.

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