Explore Unparalled South African Cuisine

South Africa is known as the rainbow nation. This is because of the different cultures and ethnic groups. Along with this comes an expansive range of cuisine that is exclusive to its people but also has a continental African influence. The cuisine that you will enjoy here is different to any other. The most beautiful thing about South African cuisine is that it is traditional enough, but also uniquely agreeable with most pallets.

South African cuisine

Enjoy the likes of our Biltong (South African beef jerky), umgqusho (Xhosa samp and beans), milk tart and the famous South African braai which typically consists of pap (a maize meal staple), barbequed meat and wors (sausage) and chakalaka (a traditional spicy and flavorsome relish). Or Bobotie this is a South African dish that has Cape Malay origins. It consists of spiced minced meat baked with an egg-based topping. Of the many dishes common to South Africa, bobotie is perhaps closest to being the national dish, because it isn’t commonly found in any other country. Alternatively, if you would like to enjoy something closer to what you are used to back home, we have a wide variety of top rated international restaurants that you can access easily. As the saying goes; South Africa is indeed a world in one country. You will have stories to share and experiences you will never forget. When you book a tour, trip or excursion with us, we will ensure that we give you a variety of top restaurants in that particular area to ensure that you are well taken care of and your taste buds are always tantalized. Food is at the heart of every nation, and we take pride in showcasing what our nation has to offer. Book your next tour with us and book a table at one of the top restaurants in South Africa.

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