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August 2019. 5 Night Ramble

Bookings are open for new reservations. We have just completed two rambles, one in August and the other in September, See what our exciting 5 Night Ramble has to offer. Priced from R 7 400 per person, discounted rates for group bookings.

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, unfortunately the world we live in has changed forever. Please note that all the prices quoted  are subject to change because of local and global conditions.

Obviously we will try our best to stick to the the prices as quoted throughout this vast website. Any changes will be communicated at the time of booking, and your booking confirmation price will remain fixed.

As a result there have been many additional restrictions placed on us ( by our suppliers and providers, some of which we have been required to pass on down the line, and we trust that you understand.

Please be advised that all quotes expire after 14 days from the date they are sent, thereafter amended prices may apply.