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Karoo Prinia

Cape Floral Kingdom – Hermanus Walk

Cape Floral Kingdom – Hermanus walk – Not a day goes by without a new discovery on this stunning piece of coastline, in the midst of the Cape Floral Kingdom one of the worlds 6 floral kingdoms . Hermanus incorporates 18 square kilometers of the Fernkloof Nature Reserve which boasts with almost 2000 plant species, an amazing fact if one considers that the entire British Isles 320 000 square kilometers has only 1500 plant species and the 19 485 square kilometer Kruger Park has 1982 plant species. A walk along the cliff path reveals the magnificent Hermanus coastline where the rugged cliffs are in an battle with the tides in their  eternal rhythms, the waves, and the ocean currents.

Cape Floral Kingdom


Fynbos is one of the more distinctive vegetation types occurring in southern Africa, and to be called Fynbos the vegetation must include, Erica’s, Restio’s and Protea’s and these are characteristic of the Fynbos Biome of South Africa.

Conservation International has identified the Cape Floristic Region as one of the + 30 critical biological hotspots on Earth.

Let’s take a moment to consider the uniqueness of this part of the Cape.

The Cape Floral Kingdom is the smallest of the planets 6 Floral Kingdoms, and the only one contained entirely within one country. It covers an area of 90 000 sq km (size of Portugal) , supporting 9000 plant species (20% of the world total). 70% of these species are endemic, in other words are found nowhere else on earth.

Compare the United Kingdom‘s  1500 species of which fewer than 20 are endemic and you come to the realisation of the botanical richness of this jewel we get to call home.

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