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Our Trails, Hikes and Wine Walks

We offer numerous Hiking Trails, Hikes and Wine Walks for you to choose from, all professionally guided and catered. Our flagship hiking trail is the Whale Trail in the De Hoop Nature Reserve

Can I book the Whale Trail for whenever I want?

Unfortunately not. The Whale Trail is a rare opportunity and official bookings are often more than a year in advance. We reserve the available tour slots as best we can ahead of time, but these are time critical. Tell us your available dates, and we’ll do our best to find a solution.

Our other trails are more flexible and we are not required to book a year in advance, but they may be season specific. Please indicate your trail choice and your preferred dates and lets see what we can arrange.

Why are you so hard to get hold of?

Our apologies if that is the impression we have made, but we do attempt to be reachable as much as possible. Some of the tours we do are well off the beaten track and thus without the barest cell reception. Please pop us an e-mail and as soon as that hits our screen we’ll get back to you.

How flexible are your bespoke tours?
Very! The question is more likely to be aimed at yourself – how flexible are you? If you have the time, inclination and resources an excursion can be as short and simple as possible, or as long and involved as sensible. You set the limits, and we’ll find the way.