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Birding South Africa

BIRDING SOUTH AFRICABirding SA offers outstanding infrastructure, with regards to accommodation and food. Therefore birding in South Africa with its varied landscapes and wildlife make it one of the greatest countries in the world to bird in.  To find over...

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Whale Trail Flowers

Whale Trail Flowers Whale Trail Flowers are not usually considered by most people who hike the De Hoop Whale Trail. They hike the trail for the dramatic weathered cliffs, glorious beaches, bird life and of course the prolific amount of Southern Right...

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Southern Right Whales

Southern Right WhaleGreat news for the Southern Right Whales. With all the bad news and negativity in the media, especially when it comes to the state of our marine resources, it's great to be able to share something rather more uplifting. On Saturday,...

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Cape Dwarf Chameleon

Cape Dwarf Chameleons Bradypodion pumilum The Cape Dwarf Chameleon. This small chameleon ranging in size from 2-15 cm ( including the tail) is  native to the Western Cape Province. They are usually considered endemic to the subcontinent, but some...

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Fernkloof Hermanus Hike

Fernkloof Hermanus HikeThe Fernkloof Hermanus Hike; we offer guided hikes in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve of various distances.There are some 60 kilometers of hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty professionally guided to suit your level of...

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The African Penguin

The African Jackass PenguinGeneral informationThe scientific name: Spheniscus demersus or the African Jackass Penguin – from the Greek word spen, a “wedge”, referring to the streamlined swimming shape and demersus is a Latin word meaning “plunging”. The...

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Alien Plant Clearing

Alien Plant Clearing in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve. The threat to the Cape Floral Kingdom. Alien plant clearing is necessary to protect the fauna and flora of  the Cape Province. The Cape Province covers 717 800 square kilometers, approximately 60% of the area of...

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Whales and Southern Right Whale

Whales-Southern Right Whale Whales - Whaling  - a short history Whales-Southern Right Whale, have visited our South African coastline for centuries and Hermanus is one of their favourite playgrounds. Southern Right whales were given their name as they were considered...

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