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The Drakensberg

The Drakensberg National Park is split into 3 distinct sections; the Northern, Central and Southern berg. Depending on which section of the reserve you wish to explore you will need to enter through one of the smaller towns located at its base. The Northern Drakensberg starts in the Free State Province in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park and extends down to the Royal Natal National Park. The central Drakensberg is the largest section of the mountain and incorporates Cathedral Peak, Champagne Castle and Giant’s Castle. The Southern section of the Drakensberg runs down what is called the Transkei and into the Underberg and Sani Pass region. 

The 12 easiest entry points to the park are Cathedral Peak, Champagne Castle, Giant’s Castle, Highmoor, Kamberg, Loteni, Vergelegen, Sani Pass which takes one into Lesotho, Drakensberg Garden and Bushmen’s Nek. We will take you the section of your choice to experience that part of the “Berg” that fulfills your dream.