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Hermanus and Fernkloof Reserve – Hikes -Walks

Hermanus Hikes

Africansunroad is based in Hermanus and we currently offer 3 guided Hermanus hikes or walks in the picturesque Hermanus and the surrounds. Each is in a unique setting and is very special and the nature-lover in you will be delighted! Of course, if you are adventurous and enjoy movement and have an insatiable drive to be outdoors, why not pick two or even all of our Hermanus hikes-walks? The Hermanus Hikes-Walks are:

    1. Cliff Path
    2. Fernkloof Reserve
    3. Milkwood Forest and Grotto

Guiding is conducted by qualified and enthusiastic Cape Tourism Guide Level 4 – Registered FGASA  field and marine guides

Your guides, Ralph and Gill live in Hermanus so they have local knowledge and they are registered FGASA field and marine and Tourist guides with a wealth of knowledge to make the most of your hike or walk.  


Hermanus Cliff Path 

Hermanus Hikes and Walks offer the  Cliff Path walk that has been included in the Fernkloof Reserve in order to protect & display the extraordinary diversity of the natural beauty of the Walker Bay area, its one of the most exciting Hermanus Hike and Walks. Thousands of whale watchers flock to these cliffs in Hermanus every year to view these magnificent creatures. This region of the Hermanus coast is considered to be the best shore-based whale watching in the world and is a protected Marine Reserve. The town of Hermanus is a nature lover’s paradise, the hikes and walks offer breathtaking scenery, craggy coves, white beaches, a vast variety of fynbos flowers and secluded patches of coastal forest glades.

Meandering on Hermanus Hikes and Walks for more than 10 km, the well constructed, largely wheelchair friendly path takes us from the New Hermanus Harbour in the west to the mouth of the Klein River in the east. In Hermanus, interesting landmarks along the route include numerous famous fishing spots, tidal pools, historical hotels, the original whaling harbour & museum and the War Memorial. Gearings Point hosts a permanent Fine Arts display of sculptures of local Hermanus artists. Walking distances of anything from 2-10 km can be arranged. Time:  2 hour walk from R 500.00 per participant, minimum 2 people, half-day (or part there of) – Includes coffee/tea, from R 700.00 per participant, minimum 2 people Time: exceeding 5 hrs –  Includes a packed lunch, coffee/tea or fruit juice, contact us for a quote.

Fernkloof Reserve Hike

Hermanus Hikes and Walks, also offer guided hikes in the Fernkloof Reserve which is + 2000 hectare reserve has 60 km of well maintained walking trails of varying grades to suit all ages & fitness levels. Situated within the Cape Floral Kingdom which is the smallest and most species-diverse of the 6 floral kingdoms of the world, Fernkloof boasts in excess of 1800 fynbos species.

Hermanus Walks

Hermanus Hikes and Walks among the Proteas, Ericas and Restios are prominent as well as many species of iris, pea, daisy and geophytes. Over 160 bird species have been recorded including the endemic Orange-breasted sunbirds, Victorin’s Warbler and Cape Grassbird. The Garden section is wheelchair friendly and paths loop round the fragrance of aloe gardens, turn past Protea and Erica gardens, and encircle bulb and restio havens. Cape Ash, Wild Plum and yellowwoods invite visitors to picnic in their shade. The 4 routes available are:

  • 4 km Full circuit via Lemoenkop
  • 6 km Assegaaibos & small waterfall trail
  • 2 km short & easy Klipspringer route
  • 9 km to 13 km Inner or Outer circuit

Time:  2 hours from R 500.00 per participant, minimum 2 people, half-day (or part there of) – Includes coffee/tea, from R 700.00 per participant, minimum 2 people Time: exceeding 5 hrs –  Includes a packed lunch, coffee/tea or fruit juice, contact us for a quote.

Milkwood Forest & Grotto area Hikes-walks

Hermanus Hikes

Experience our Hermanus Hikes and Walks in one of the few remaining coastal forests surviving along the Southern Cape coastline. Estimated to be several hundred years old, Hermanus Hikes and Walks among these white Milkwood trees (Sideroxylon inerme) are particularly impressive. Other noteworthy trees include the Camphor bush and Cape Beech and the cave area, of course, is a lovely sight. We recommended joining the cliff path at Mollergren Park and on Hermanus Hikes-Walks down towards Grotto Beach to explore the caves that give the area its name. Time:  2 hrs  – R 500 per participant, minimum 2 people  

Hike and Walk prices

Our 2 to 3 hour hike or walk is R 500.00 per person minimum 2 people there is a charge of  R 250.00 per additional person.

Half day or part thereof, includes tea, coffee and muffins. R 700.00 per person minimum 2 people. There is a charge of  R 350.00 per additional person.

Exceeding 5 hours include tea or coffee and muffins in the morning and a packed lunch with fruit juice for lunch; please contact us for a quote