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Mabuasehube Safari

The Mabuasehube Game Reserve is located in the Kalahari Desert covering an area of almost 2,000 sq. km. The unforgiving desert terrain is characterized by high red dunes and scattered vegetation. In 1992 the reserve was incorporated into the Gemsbok National Park, and in 2000 it was also integrated into the Kgalagadi Trans-frontier Park. The reserve’s name is derived from the Senalonga language, and means “red earth”. The reserve was once home to the San people, sometimes called Bushman, and to small groups of inhabitants called Kgalagadi.

Our Mabuasehube or ‘Mabua” safaris as we fondly call them are really a destination where one can spend quality time in one reserve without feeling the need to move on all the time. It has a lot to offer as far as solitude and tranquility as concerned, and also from a predator selection. Lions are abundant, with prides often occupying one or more of the campsites making camping a challenge, particularly at night. Leopards are also seen quite often and some of the campsites have resident Leopards seen frequently are these majestic animals patrol their home range. The elusive Brown Hyaena’s sightings are a lot rarer, as these secretive animals are mostly nocturnal. Cheetah are also likely to be seen, the open plains are are ideal hunting areas for the fastest land mammal and the herds of Springbok some of their favorite prey.

Cheetah sighting video in Mabua

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