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Okavango Delta

  • Okavango Delta is a fascinating and unique wildlife location. It is the worlds largest inland delta and situated in an extremely arid region attracts great concentrations of diverse animals and birds. The climate is at odds with the lush environment and plays an important role in making the Okavango Delta a fantastic safari destination.
  • Experience the magnificent Okavango Delta, enter the Moremi Wildlife Reserve at South Gate en-route to one of the many camps like Xakanaxa, Camp Moremi or Khwai camp. We set up a base camp at your chosen destination where we do our meals etc. From the base camp we will take you to explore the abundant wildlife of the area, most of the antelope species like Impala, Zebra, Buffalo, Red Hartbeest Gemsbok, Kudu and many others with lots of Elephant, Lions, Leopards and Hyenas.

Base Camp

  • At the base camp we need to be very vigilant and aware of the presence of cats like Lion and Leopard, often a pride of Loins will move into or very close to a camp site and remain for a while. Our well equipped camping trailer is fitted with a fridge/freezer, dual battery system for adequate lighting, 2 solar panels to keep the batteries charged. Our trailer has a large tarpaulin covering the entire trailer for shade from the sun and relief from the rain. The look of the tarpaulin covered trailer usually keeps the Elephant and Buffalo away however lions and Hyenas are only cautious. Animals first see the imposing 4X4 camping trailer, covered by the large round tarpaulin and associated camping gear – chairs, tables etc before they notice the detail, and this is what we rely on for the predators and scavengers to keep their distance. Things become different at night when our eyesight is restricted compared to antelope and predators.

Importance of a base camp

  • Having a dedicated base camp is of vital importance when one intends to spend time in an area. Our base camp is very practical in that it offers shelter form the elements, from the sun during the heat of the day or from rain although that’s unlikely in the Okavango during the usual visiting season.
  • Our base camp is also quite intimidating for Elephant and predators, it has a large tarpaulin covering one Roof Top tent mounted on a 4X4 camping trailer that houses a fridge and the kitchen area. It offers shelter and great viewing of the area around the base camp.

Botswana Seasons and Weather

  • Botswana Seasons And Weather – When To Visit The Okavango. The dry season in Botswana is from April to October, with the rains falling from November through to March. In general, game-viewing in Botswana is best between May and November

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