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Wine Tasting Walk

Wine Tasting Walks

We have a great selection of wine tasting walks to choose from, ranging from short morning or afternoon walks or our longer 1 to 5 day walks and trails. Walk at an easy pace and enjoy the unparalleled scenery and hidden treasures of the Hemel en Aarde “Heaven and Earth” Valley. Experience the valley fynbos as you traverse through wine, berry and horse farms. Coffee, tea and lunch breaks at well planned locations along the various routes become highlights on our wine tasting walks.

Wine Walks and Hikes

Enjoy hiking through the beautiful Hemel en Aarde valley in the wine lands of the Western Cape wine region about 92 km from Cape Town, South Africa. This is wine country, where the many wine estates that offer wine tastings from award winning wines famous in the region. This experience is guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning wine enthusiast on any of our walks and hikes.

Our wine tasting walks are expertly guided by local FGASA ( Nature,Field & Marine Guide) and Wine & Cape Tourism  guides. Both are fully accredited and well versed in the history and culture of the area. To guide you through indigenous fynbos, vineyards, fruit orchards, berry farms and olive groves. The wine walks stop at the vineyards and taste the Hemel en Aarde valley award winning wines for wine tastings and  local produce of this fertile valley. Meet local wine makers and learn more about their award-winning wines and hear their unique life stories.

Wine Tasting Walks

The Slackpack option

Because the overnight slack-pack hikes are fully catered and  luggage is transferred ahead to your overnight stop. Carrying only a light day-pack on our walks enables full enjoyment of the trails and frees one to carry cameras and binoculars (over 60 endemic bird species in the region).

Have a look at our Vine to Beach Slackpack offer   Vine to Beach Slackpack

Overberg Wine Valley Map

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