Etxanobe in Bilbao


Etxanobe is a 2 Michelin star restaurant, situated on the top floor of Palacio Euskalduna in  Bilbao.

Etxanobe Bilbao is rated by many to be one of the absolute best in Spain.In  September I  was blessed with a unique opportunity to work  as a chef in Etxanobe. There , amidst the hot steamy stoves and chef-crowded  Etxanobe kitchen I  experienced Basque cooking at its best.

Etxanobe in the Palacio Euskalduna

Etxanobe in the Palacio Euskalduna

Etxanobe in Bilbao

Etxanobe Bilbao














Fernando Canales the owner chef  passionately states :

The cuisine in Etxanobe pays tribute to the product, the technique is secondary and is at the service of the ingredients, and the enjoyment of the human palate. For a dish to be successful it has to have taste, and please our palate. Dishes such as the carpaccio, the lassagna, (which already has a fan club, which you are welcome to join), the crab salad, freshly prepared, rice with “coquinas”, eggs poche, “natillas de foie”, tuna roasted at a slight distance, “morros a la Vizcaína” and so on, are dishes with great flavour and passionate sensations.

In Etxanobe we avoid overwhelming our guests with modern techniques they do not understand and do not produce the gastronomique pleasure they seek. Classical cuisine is present in the Etxanobe with capital importance. The traditional croquettes, the fish soup, the Kokotxas, the freshly cooked lobster, the cod pil pil, and vizcaina, the fried hake in tempura with red peppers, the onion squid, the sirloin steak, the “mollejas”, my Granny´s cake. These are all traditional dishes which are very important for us.

We also have a section in our menu devoted to those who feel a bit braver in which we endeavour to find new dishes and products.

We are continuously innovating but finding very tasty dishes, the artichokes with yoke cream, the cod with liquorice, the horse-mackerel with vanilla, are some examples.

Tradition, product, creativity and taste, blend in one concept in the Etxanobe, with a mission to captivate and satisfy our guests.

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Fernando’s passion shines through every detail of the restaurant, from shopping for the best local ingredients at Europes largest fresh produce market to engaging with patrons on a personal level in the evening.

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